MiBlock Ignition Immobiliser

Your vehicle can be fitted with the MiBlock ignition immobiliser, the perfect security device for your vehicle. Equipped with the MiBlock, you can be sure that your vehicle cannot be started by anyone that is not authorised to do so, without having to use a large, cumbersome device attached to the steering wheel, for example.


Feel safe with the MiBlock

The MiBlock is our intelligent ignition immobilisation device. It can be installed on its own to work on a stand-alone basis, but can also be coupled to the Mi50 system. When used together with the Mi50, the immobiliser will also be activated after GSM jamming has been detected (jamming is often employed by thieves in an attempt to prevent the vehicle from being traced). After jamming, the key fob will be needed – in addition to the ignition key – to start the vehicle. The combination of the Mi50 system and the MiBlock immobiliser fully meets requirements set by insurers and car lease companies for vehicle security systems (formerly Class 4). If using the MiBlock immobiliser on its own, your security system will comply with the category Immobiliser with extra authorisation (formerly Class 1).


Mechanism of the MiBlock

When the engine is shut off, the immobiliser will automatically reactivate after a few seconds (as a safety precaution e.g. in the event of temporary engine failure). As soon as the immobiliser is activated, the LED light will flicker and the vehicle’s ECU will be intercepted in multiple places, making it impossible to start the engine. By subsequently scanning the key fob in front of the reader, the immobilisation device is then deactivated again.



If the MiBlock immobiliser is coupled to the Mi50 system, you can use the calendar feature in the MiApp to specify time blocks during which the key fob is required to start the vehicle, e.g. every day between 11PM and 7AM, for example. You can also do this for specific instances e.g. when parking in unfamiliar/unsafe surroundings.



  • Manually specify time blocks for activation of the immobiliser
  • MiBlock stand-alone fulfils specifications for a Class-1 immobiliser
  • Vehicle requires a key fob to be started
  • Calendar feature allows you to designate time blocks during which the key fob is required to start the vehicle
  • In combination with the Mi50 system, provides effective protection against jamming
  • In combination with the Mi50 system, represents a SCM-certified vehicle tracking system


Product specifications